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Shape and Colour

These images of the lavender fields were made at De Meye Wine Estate, Stellenbosch. The colour of lavender as well as the fragrance induce a soothing and calming effect on me. So to evoke this emotion in my images I decided to introduce intentional camera movement (ICM) to soften the colours and shapes. The idea was to create washes of colour. I wanted to make a series of these images that form a mini panel as a collection.

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1,2m x 800mm Canvas, 1,2m x 800mm Fine Art, 1,2m x 800mm Matt/Gloss, 1,2m x 800mm Perspex, 900mm x 600mm Canvas, 900mm x 600mm Fine Art, 900mm x 600mm Matt/Gloss, 900mm x 600mm Perspex, 600mm x 400mm Canvas, 600mm x 400mm Fine Art, 600mm x 400mm Matt/Gloss, 600mm x 400mm Perspex, 450mm x 300mm Canvas, 450mm x 300mm Fine Art, 450mm x 300mm Matt/Gloss, 450mm x 300mm Perspex


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